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February 2024: Wishing everyone a great 2024!
Well, I am still alive and skating, just too lazy to work on my website.
The whole Freestyle family is on Facebook and Instagram these days.
Find me on IG @ yoyoskates
Check out Diese.Podcast in German, YOYO talks about his career.
Fresh in YOYO on the Whiskey Wednesday show with Ken Tizzard

If you are looking for Freestyle products, feel free to contact me by email as I took down my webshop

I also have a channel on Vimeo now, so check it out!

May 5th- 2012 I participated in the World Round Up contest!
and won the 360° spin event there on a slippery surface.

Latest NEWS 2012: I am still skating as much as time and weather permit!
Feel free to check out my youtube channel
For any questions feel free to email me at: info (at) yoyoskates.com

Dec.19th-2010 Feel free to download (right click and save) some clip I found in my archive

September 2010, Philadelphia, USA.
YOYO Schulz is the 2010 World Masters Freestyle Champion, congrats!
June 29th-2009 I got a 5th place Pro Freestyle @ Paderborn; video
March 13th-2009 Lucky Friday clip with FlyCam
March 1st-2009 New clip up, spinning with FlyCamOne
Oct.19th-2008 Clip back to Oldschool Antwerpen
Sept.28th-2008 Nice and sunny weather clip
Sept.27th-2008 A short clip of today's session
One of the first Mc Twist by Mike Mc Gill
YOYO Mini Ramp Frankfurt Summer 2005
Aug.25th-2008 Munich skatepark clip (8.4MB)
June 6th-2008 A new clip to watch from today's session
April 20th-2008 Freestyle demo at Breakonstage in Bilbao
April 20th-2008 A Breakdance clip from Bilbao, Funk Fellaz
March 6th-2008 I am still alive and skating despite winter time.
Take a look on some nice stuff
Sept.29th-2007 Check out my latest clip on Youtube
Nov.21st-06 A trip down memory lane:
Half Pipe skating 1980
Nov.20th trailer for the new YOYO#4 model on Decomposed
Sept.3rd-06 New Clip up. Freestyle at Brixlegg Slalom Worlds

Aug.1st-06 At the World Champs in Birmingham I was able to defend my 360° spins tile once more and took a respectable 8th in PRO Freestyle at NASS 2006.Clips available in the Trick Tips section
June 7th-06 YOYO's been Slaloming lately..... click here
Feb.14th-06 A new old clip from Jean Marc
Jan.19th-06 Watch the historic YOYO Plant
Dec.13th-05 A nice newspaper article in a regional paper
Nov.22nd-05 Bowl Session clip#2
Nov.21st-05 Bowl Session clip
Nov.19th-05 Click here for a clip of YOYO's routine in Brazil
Oct.13th-05 I just put up a new clip click here

A 1st in the 360° spin event and a great 4th place in
the Freestyle event, Sao Paulo 2005.

Sept.6th-2005 Finally a NEW CLIP available.......
May 24th-2005: YOYO takes 2nd place at the Sennfeld Freestyle contest.
A clip to download is available here
Sep.12th-04 New clip up: YOYO Plant to pogo
May 25th-04 YOYO clip spinning 360's on steel wheels
Apr.14th-04 New clip up of YOYO snowboarding
Feb.20th-04 A short TV clip of the temporary Naxos skatehall
Dec.23rd-03 Tailskid mounting instructions added
Nov.24th-03 Newspaper article of YOYO in local press
Nov.9th-03 Some pricing info added in the 'Products' section
Nov.9th-03 Check out Georgio's clip: The Heliflip
Sept. 24th-03 New Friday Session clip up, click here.

Take a look at the Fotoarchive in the ''Tricktips'' section


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