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Sept. 28th-2016 Well, I am still alive and skating, just too lazy to work on my website.
The whole Freestyle family is on fb these days.

Soon I will be back on vacation in sunny Cali to Sk8 and meet friends; STOKED!

If you are looking for Freestyle products, feel free to contact me by email as I took down my webshop as it's not up to date.

I also have a channel on Vimeo now, so check it out!

May 5th- 2012 I participated in the World Round Up contest!
and won the 360° spin event there on a slippery surface.

Latest NEWS 2012: I am still skating as much as time and weather permit!
Feel free to check out my youtube channel
For any questions feel free to email me at: info (at) yoyoskates.com

Dec.19th-2010 Feel free to download (right click and save) some clip I found in my archive

September 2010, Philadelphia, USA.
YOYO Schulz is the 2010 World Masters Freestyle Champion, congrats!
June 29th-2009 I got a 5th place Pro Freestyle @ Paderborn; video
March 13th-2009 Lucky Friday clip with FlyCam
March 1st-2009 New clip up, spinning with FlyCamOne
Oct.19th-2008 Clip back to Oldschool Antwerpen
Sept.28th-2008 Nice and sunny weather clip
Sept.27th-2008 A short clip of today's session
One of the first Mc Twist by Mike Mc Gill
YOYO Mini Ramp Frankfurt Summer 2005
Aug.25th-2008 Munich skatepark clip (8.4MB)
June 6th-2008 A new clip to watch from today's session
April 20th-2008 Freestyle demo at Breakonstage in Bilbao
April 20th-2008 A Breakdance clip from Bilbao, Funk Fellaz
March 6th-2008 I am still alive and skating despite winter time.
Take a look on some nice stuff
Sept.29th-2007 Check out my latest clip on Youtube
Nov.21st-06 A trip down memory lane:
Half Pipe skating 1980
Nov.20th trailer for the new YOYO#4 model on Decomposed
Sept.3rd-06 New Clip up. Freestyle at Brixlegg Slalom Worlds

Aug.1st-06 At the World Champs in Birmingham I was able to defend my 360° spins tile once more and took a respectable 8th in PRO Freestyle at NASS 2006.Clips available in the Trick Tips section
June 7th-06 YOYO's been Slaloming lately..... click here
Feb.14th-06 A new old clip from Jean Marc
Jan.19th-06 Watch the historic YOYO Plant
Dec.13th-05 A nice newspaper article in a regional paper
Nov.22nd-05 Bowl Session clip#2
Nov.21st-05 Bowl Session clip
Nov.19th-05 Click here for a clip of YOYO's routine in Brazil
Oct.13th-05 I just put up a new clip click here

A 1st in the 360° spin event and a great 4th place in
the Freestyle event, Sao Paulo 2005.

Sept.6th-2005 Finally a NEW CLIP available.......
May 24th-2005: YOYO takes 2nd place at the Sennfeld Freestyle contest.
A clip to download is available here
Sep.12th-04 New clip up: YOYO Plant to pogo
May 25th-04 YOYO clip spinning 360's on steel wheels
Apr.14th-04 New clip up of YOYO snowboarding
Feb.20th-04 A short TV clip of the temporary Naxos skatehall
Dec.23rd-03 Tailskid mounting instructions added
Nov.24th-03 Newspaper article of YOYO in local press
Nov.9th-03 Some pricing info added in the 'Products' section
Nov.9th-03 Check out Georgio's clip: The Heliflip
Sept. 24th-03 New Friday Session clip up, click here.

Take a look at the Fotoarchive in the ''Tricktips'' section


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